The 10 Pillars Program

JD Ford & Company helps clients transition from ownership and management of a business to ownership of wealth and management of legacy










Throughout history many great fortunes have been built by people who took control of their future and took risks to pursue an idea or passion.

As a group, these risk takers are not much different than everyone else. In fact some would seem quite ordinary. So what do they do differently to build great companies and great wealth for themselves and their families?

We can’t answer for all of them, but we can share what we’ve learned by helping our clients transition from the ownership and management of their business to the ownership of wealth and the management of legacy.

We can also share the lessons we’ve learned from business buyers at the closing table as to what really drives a deal and why wealth changes hands.

pillar_imgJD Ford & Company has created the Ten Pillars Program to help entrepreneurs build their own unique legacy. We have taken what we have learned from past clients and distilled the lessons into a systematic evaluation and planning tool.

The Ten Pillars Program will provide business owners with unique insight on:

• the current value of their business
• how to increase business value over time
• how to gain competitive advantage in the market
• how to control their exit and succession strategy
• how to improve cash flow and profitability
• how to maximize personal wealth
• how to reduce taxes now and in the future

If you are interested in participating in our Ten Pillars Program or for more information please call us at 888-999-9495 x2012 or email: