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Succession and Exit Planning Services 

JD Ford has special expertise in Succession & Exit Planning. Without Succession & Exit Planning, a successful business exit is a matter of chance, but with such planning success is a matter of choice. At JD Ford, we leave very little to chance. We are the owner’s best guide through the unfamiliar waters between the initial impulse to sell and the safe harbor of a successfully executed sale.

We were the first Firm to implement the renowned 7 Step Exit Planning Process, and the first firm to partner with the Business Enterprise Institute to educate the financial advisor community on the importance of exit planning. As a result, JD Ford has become the first choice of many accountants, attorneys, and wealth advisors when recommending a firm to provide exit-related investment banking services.

JD Ford & Company Founder and CEO, Joe Durnford describes the proven step by step exit planning process in his book titled “The Completely Revised How To Run Your Business So You Can Leave It In Style”, co-authored with attorney John H. Brown. To request a copy, click here.

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