Transaction Services

Mergers & Acquisitions

JD Ford advises on Mergers and Acquisition Transactions, as well as Divestitures for both private and public companies seeking to expand their businesses. After careful analysis of our client’s objectives and motivations, JD Ford will recommend a specific M&A strategy and develop a profile of the type of company that would best complement our client’s business. We then create a transaction plan that will identify and attract quality business partners to the table, followed by negotiating and closing the transaction on the most favorable terms possible.

As part of our M&A services, JD Ford facilitates strategic planning, develops a target or buyer profile, identifies companies that meet this profile, performs preliminary due diligence, develops a negotiation plan, analyzes the transaction price, leads negotiations, designs the acquisition structure, reviews business terms of transaction agreements and coordinates our client’s final due diligence. Our responsibility to our clients is to develop and execute a comprehensive plan that will lead to the successful completion of a merger or acquisition.