Valuation Services

Marketability Assessment

The question often plaguing clients once they’ve received their valuation is: “Now what?” At JD Ford, we realize a valuation may be just the first step towards an end goal.

We have found that a Valuation, although an integral component, may not provide business owners with all of the information they need to make decisions regarding their desire to exit the business. In such cases, business owners and boards of directors need to know what is happening in the marketplace. They need to know how saleable the business is, and if there is an active merger or acquisition market for the business.

To provide business owners and boards of directors with this information, JD Ford includes a Marketability Assessment with most of our Valuations. Using our extensive databases and research tools, we review specific transaction activity within the industry and identify “windows of opportunity” that may exist to sell the business at a premium. With a Valuation and Marketability Assessment in hand, the client has the information necessary to facilitate their transition into the next stage of their lives.