Strategic & Financial Advisory Services

Corporate Finance Services 

Today’s increasingly global economy and volatile markets pose new and complex challenges for every business. At JD Ford & Company, we help business owners and directors navigate these tumultuous waters to help ensure their companies are successful regardless of the state of the economy as a whole.

An in-depth understanding of your company’s financial structure and strategic positioning is essential for any business owner or director. At JD Ford & Company we leverage our professionals’ extensive experience and vast knowledge of finance, legal, tax, accounting, and operations to provide business owners and directors with the information they need to make decisions to ensure the stability and success of their company today and in the future. Whether this involves an analysis of the company’s current financial situation and ability to withstand downturns in the economy, or a strategic assessment of future growth options and business sustainability, we provide you with clear, concise and unbiased information you need to make effective decisions for growth and stability.

Most business owners understand the value and importance of competent accounting and tax advisors to help manage their business. During periods of economic or financial distress, business owners and boards of directors may require specialists to advise on more complex corporate finance and liquidity issues. JD Ford will partner with your existing accountants, controllers and other advisors to customize solutions to address the most complex finance issues. Broadly we provide:

  • Capital and Liquidity Analysis – We perform a fundamental analysis and modeling of cash flows and balance sheet resources to assist you in determining cash requirements, optimal capital structure, financial resource availability and creative financing solutions.
  • Strategic Business Assessment – We assist business owners and management by providing an independent analysis of your current market position and financial performance. We assist in identifying and creatively resolving problems which ultimately increases your growth opportunities and business value.
  • Market Option Analysis – We analyze your business strategy and explore different market scenarios which may include business unit divestitures or asset sales, or acquisitions of key suppliers or weaker competitors.

JD Ford does not only assesses your company’s financial and strategic position, we can help you implement and execute. Our extensive experience in mergers & acquisitions advisory, as well as structuring and raising capital allows us to provide you with the real-world, time-tested solutions and the expertise necessary to facilitate the successful execution of these solutions. Because we have helped a variety of clients through various transitional periods in their businesses from mergers to recapitalizations, we know what works and when. For more information please see Our Services.